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Peace and Hope Organization extends support to Girls with Reusable sanitary pads

In a world where education is the key to empowerment, Peace and Hope Organization extends its heartfelt gratitude to the unwavering support received from individuals who share our vision. Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, Peace and Hope Organization was able to initiate and execute a life-changing outreach program, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of countless children, particularly those in underprivileged schools.

The core objectives of our outreach program encompassed empowering young boys and girls with essential knowledge, identifying areas in need of assistance, building the capacity of teenagers and individuals lacking skills, and addressing the unique needs of children with disabilities.

The Eastern region of the country, characterized by its diverse geographical features and socioeconomic challenges, served as the backdrop for our outreach efforts. Within this region, districts such as Jinja, Inganga, Mbale, Tororo, Budaka, Mayuge, and Namutumba faced various hardships due to limited resources and infrastructure.

In the Budaka district, one of the areas we reached out to, Lupada Primary School became the focal point of our efforts. It was disheartening to learn that 90% of the attending girls at Lupada Primary School couldn’t afford sanitary pads, leading to their absence from school during their periods. Shockingly, the remaining 10% of girls hadn’t even experienced menstruation yet, highlighting the urgent need for intervention to prevent early dropout rates.

To tackle this issue, we conducted awareness sessions for boys, as only 2% of them possessed prior knowledge about menstrual periods. By educating them and fostering understanding, we aimed to create a supportive environment where boys could assist and empathize with their female peers.

Additionally, hygiene was a crucial topic we addressed, providing both boys and girls at Lupada Primary School with the necessary knowledge and supplies. Our dedicated team at Peace and Hope Organization instructed them on the proper usage of reusable sanitary pads, promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency.

One of the challenges we encountered during the program was teaching and instructing children with disabilities. Lupada Primary School had a section dedicated to deaf and mute children. With the invaluable assistance of the senior woman at the school, we successfully taught them how to wear reusable pads, ensuring no child was left behind.

In total, we distributed reusable sanitary pad kits, accompanied by detergents, to over 100 girls. However, due to the overwhelming need, approximately two hundred girls missed out on receiving these kits. Despite this, we assured them that we would return with additional assistance and solutions to fulfill their needs.

The impact of our efforts brought happiness, smiles, and hope not only to the students but also to the teachers and parents. A teacher expressed their appreciation, stating, “It is amazing to see that there are people who care for these girls beyond the teaching fraternity and parents. By helping our young girls stay in school, we are preparing them to conquer the world. We are nurturing future great mothers, leaders, and influencers, which will ultimately create a safer country and world.” The work of the Peace and Hope Organization and the support we receive through donations and volunteering were highly praised and appreciated.

Through this outreach program, we realized the importance of sustainable solutions. Consequently, we have formulated ideas and suggestions to fulfill our goal of providing sanitary pads to girls in schools. Our first step is to equip girls, parents, and teachers with the skills to make reusable pads. Once they possess the necessary skills and knowledge, we plan to establish stations equipped with multiple sewing machines in schools, villages, communities, and Peace and Hope Organization facilities.

We firmly believe that by imparting knowledge, skills, and sewing machines, we can not only provide sanitary pads to girls, enabling them to remain in school but also empower them to become self-reliant.