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About us

We Work in More Than 7 Districts To Strengthen The future

our main objectives

  1. To train women and girl child basic skills that can empower to be self reliant in
    planning to start up small enterprises/projects
  2. To give life skills and opportunities to youths in vocational training that will
    empower them with skills. 

  3.  To improve on the socio-economic well-being of our youths to start small income
    generating micro-projects, some of the Micro-project we plan to implement will
    include poultry keeping, horticulture, mushroom growing etc. in collaboration with

no poverty

best education

clean water

good health


help is our main goal!

To help women and girl child attain basic skills that they can sustain each other in other to be self reliant.

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we've helped over 1000 children with charity projects around the world